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GE MAC 1200 EKG Machine GE/ Marquette

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GE Marquette Mac 1200 Features:

The GE MAC 1200 Resting EKG machine is a comprehensive solution with practical features clinicians at smaller hospitals, clinics and physician offices will appreciate. The MAC 1200 is a compact 12-lead electrocardiograph designed for acquisition with or without analysis. The system can be configured as a standard electrocardiograph without analysis for facilities with minimal EKG requirements. Adding the 12SL program creates an electrocardiograph with the industry leading interpretation program and measurements.


  • This system can be configured to meet the needs of hospitals, clinics and office-based practices.
  • Allows access to EKG data gathered throughout a provider network, assuring high quality and continuity of care.
  • Comprehensive solution for EKG requirements.
  • Waveform LCD display.
  • Interpretive EKG.
  • Full size paper reports.
  • Portable with built-in battery.
  • Measurements, interpretation and memory available in any combination.
  • Simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition and analysis.
  • Compact, lightweight design with carrying handle.
  • Field upgradability.


GE Marquette Mac 1200 Specifications:

Signal Processing:

  • Acquisition: 12 leads – simultaneously.
  • Signal input: Type CF according to IEC.
  • Digital sampling rate: 1000 samples/second/channel.
  • Dynamic range: Differential signals for AC voltage ±, 10mV Superimposed DC voltage (Polarization voltage) ±600mV.
  • Resolution: 5 uV.
  • Frequency response:0.04 – 150 Hz.
  • Common mode rejection:> 140 dB.
  • Input impedance: > 100 M ohms.
  • Leakage current: < 10uA.
  • Pacemaker detection sensitivity: All leads, duration 0.1 – 2.5 ms, amplitude > 5 mV.


  • Type:LCD 320 x 240 pixel, backlit, Contrast adjustable.
  • Displayed data: Selected lead group, operation mode, lead check, heart rate, AC filter, muscle her, ADS, gain, speed, name, ID, 3 ECG waveforms.


  • Type: Thermal array print head.
  • Resolution: Vertically 8 dots/mm horizontally 25um at 25 mm/s.
  • Paper: 8.5 x 11 inch.
  • Writer speed: 5, 25, 50 mm/s.
  • Paper type: Z-fold.


  • Type: Membrane keypad with tactile feedback / 46 keys.

Special Functions:

  • Anti Drift System (ADS): Automatic compensation of baseline fluctuations caused by polarization voltage fluctuations at the electrodes.
  • Baseline adjustment: ECG presentation on averaged baseline.
  • Electrode monitoring: Audible and visual indication on the LCD of disconnected electrodes or fine break. Each single electrode is monitored.
  • Copy: In the automatic 12 lead mode , after ECG, recording, copies of the ECG can be printed.
  • Test: Automatic performance test upon power up, including verification of the signal path starting at the signal input.

Power Supply:

  • Ratings: 10 – 120 V (0.32A) / 220 – 240 V (0.16A).
  • Frequency: 49 – 65 Hz.
  • Battery type: NiCad, 18V, 1.4 Ah.
  • Battery charge time: 4 hours.

Physical Specs:

  • Width: 14.5 in. (370 mm)
  • Height: 3.7 in. (94 mm)
  • Depth: 12.6 in. (320 mm)
  • Weight: 12.4 lb. (5.6 kg) with graphics display and battery.
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